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Edge of Indy is podcast that focuses on what is trending in Indianapolis. Anything from business and marketing to highlighting different organizations and companies in the circle city. We want to have a show to highlight individuals who are impacting the culture of Indianapolis.
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Dec 22, 2017

Can you believe it? It's the last show of the year! We're here to make it a good one - we have The Shop & Edible Indy in the house today. Let's do it, today on the EDGE!

Have you been to visit The Shop in Broad Ripple? They are one of our favorite T-shirt shops here in town and we are lucky enough to have them on the show this episode!

Brian Kelly, President and Designer at The Shop, and Alex Janecze, the VP of Production at The Shop, join Brittany to talk about their holiday shopping season, their design process, and their work with Jack Doyle, Be The Match, and Project 44.

Keep up to date with The Shop by visiting their retail location in Broad Ripple, or you can shop online at their website:


Do you want to reserve your spot in Heaven? Well, today you can! Find out more this week with Paul Poteet on the Edge!

You can buy "travel kits" to ensure a place in Heaven. They include boarding passes, certificates and "Heaven 101" booklets. FAQ!

Little girl dressed as a sheep ‘kidnaps’ baby Jesus during school Nativity so she can be the star of the show...

Arby's is test marketing the "Arbynator." A sandwich stuffed with curly fries. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Edible Indy is a publication that celebrates the abundance of local food in the Indianapolis area. They feature great food stories, local business owners, restaurants, chefs, foodies, artists, nutritionists, and anyone else who has interest in the Indy food scene.

Edible Indy is published by husband and wife duo Jeff and Jennifer Rubenstein and Jennifer joins the show to talk about some of her favorite off the beaten path restaurants and shares a few of her favorite stories from Edible Indy.

To learn more about Edible Indy, please visit:

Dec 14, 2017

On this episode of the Edge of Indy, we're talking entrepreneurship with PitchFeast and gender equality in the workplace with Pivot Point.


PitchFeast is a public charity that focuses on helping under-resourced entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises by providing business development support and technical training.

Kendrea Williams, the CEO of PitchFeast, joins us on the show to tell us a little more about her organization and how they are helping the entrepreneurs in the city.

To learn more about PitchFeast, please visit:


Oh, the things we do to go viral...One group's attempt at creating a YouTube video ended with them cementing someone's head into a microwave. Paul Poteet certainly found some interesting stories this week on Paul Poteet on the Edge!

Guys cemented a dude's head into a microwave for a wacky YouTube video. What could go wrong? -

This Good Boy is gonna be ok, despite eating 21 pacifiers -

Lady leaves a dirty diaper surprise for package thieves -


Pivot Point is an organization, founded by Julie Kratz, to provide strategies, tools, and ideas for women and men to build career game plans and help improve gender equality in the workplace.

Julie has also written a book called "One: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality" to help men and women leaders employ strategies to help facilitate success in their business.

To learn more about Pivot Point, please visit:


Dec 7, 2017

Today's show will get you shopping and seeing the sights this holiday season. We're live with Christmas at the Indianapolis Zoo and Homespun: Modern Handmade.

Carla Knapp, the Public Relations Specialist for the Indianapolis Zoo, is back! Last time she was on the show she talked about ZooBook, but now it's December, which means it's time for Christmas at the Zoo!

Christmas at the Zoo dates all the way back to 1967 and was actually the first zoo in the United States to have a Christmas lights. The Indianapolis Zoo has also been nominated for the third-straight year by USA Today's 10 Best Zoo Lights.

If you want to find out more information about this year's Christmas at the Zoo, please visit:


Did you hear the one about the possum that broke into a liquor store? No, this isn't a actually happened. Paul Poteet isn't playing dead this week, he has some weird and wacky stories for this week!

Possum breaks into a liquor store, kills a bottle of bourbon...all better after a little nap -

What do the employees at Chick-Fil-A say instead of "no problem?" And how can you hack their menu? -

Yeah, if you don't like the way traffic is moving...just re-paint the pavement! -


We are ALL about shopping local and we hope you will remember one local shop when you are doing your Christmas shopping over the next few weeks!

Homespun: Modern Handmade is a boutique, gallery, and workshop located on the east end of Mass Ave that is devoted to contemporary handmade goods. They sell products from over 300 artists and crafters from across the country. Amanda Mauer Taflinger is the owner of Homespun: Modern Handmade just finished the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, which is a contemporary craft fair that celebrates modern handmade goods.

To see more about the offerings and products at Homespun: Modern Handmade, please visit:

Dec 1, 2017

Thanksgiving is behind us, so now let's look ahead to what the holiday season has in store! On today's show, we're live with a great local T-shirt and gift shop the United State of Indiana - PLUS we're also talking about the Indianapolis City Market about their upcoming MRKT Ball.


What a busy weekend for the United State of Indiana! We're fresh off of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, so we wanted to check in with owners Graham Brown and Grant Gilman on how their weekend went and what we can expect from them this holiday season.

If you haven't heard about the United State of Indiana before now, they create and curate locally designed and produced apparel to celebrate creativity, entrepreneurship, artistry, and hard work in the Hoosier State.

They aim to create high-quality products, support local artists and foster a culture in Indiana that promotes local, commerce and celebrates commonalities.

To learn more about the United State of Indiana, please visit their website:


How much would you pay for a "slightly-used" coffin? Well, one New Mexico couple decided to see by posting their's out on Facebook. Hear more about these stories and more this week on Paul Poteet on the Edge!

A Massachusetts man completed a 40,320-piece Disney jigsaw puzzle over the course of about three months -

A New Mexico-based Facebook user posted a for-sale ad offering a “slightly used coffin” that was “only used once." -

Doctors in India discovered 263 coins and 100 nails inside a man's stomach. Because he swallowed them -


The Indianapolis City Market is home to over 25 locally-owned and operated small businesses and on December 9th they will open their doors from 7 to 11 p.m. for the MRKT BALL 2017 celebration.

Sixty Years ago, Tomlinson Hall held its final concert before it burnt down in January 1958. The last concert was a massive show titled "The Fantabulous Rock N Roll Show of '57" and featured some 50 performers, some of which included Ray Charles and Bo Diddley.

So, this year's fundraiser will be a throwback to the 1950s at their black-tie (or 1950s costume!) gala. Enjoy live music, food samples and more!

To learn more about the event, visit: