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Edge of Indy is podcast that focuses on what is trending in Indianapolis. Anything from business and marketing to highlighting different organizations and companies in the circle city. We want to have a show to highlight individuals who are impacting the culture of Indianapolis.
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Jan 9, 2017

We are excited to have Neil Berman, Founder & CEO of Delivra, on the first episode of the Edge of Indy! We wanted to have him on this inaugural episode of Edge of Indy because is one of the top leaders in the tech industry here in Indianapolis.

Neil founded Delivra in 1999 and in this episode Neil talks about the first days of his company and why he changed his brand's name to Delivra. Today over 82 million emails are sent and received every single day - and Delivra is dedicating themselves to doing it right.

Also in the inaugural show, a new restaurant opened up in downtown Indianapolis and that is Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse. They are located at Illinois and Market, one block from the Circle Centre Mall.

For the show, they delivered to our team a massive amount of some of their best-known foods. They brought bone-in ribeye steak, 6-layer carrot cake, scalloped potatoes, shrimp cocktail (almost the size of lobster tails), and sushi to name a few.

It was a great first show for the Edge of Indy and we are excited to see where the show goes from here!