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Edge of Indy is podcast that focuses on what is trending in Indianapolis. Anything from business and marketing to highlighting different organizations and companies in the circle city. We want to have a show to highlight individuals who are impacting the culture of Indianapolis.
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Apr 20, 2017

We have a powerful show for you today. This week on Edge of Indy we talk with Andrea Cowley, the Associate Director of Dress for Success Indianapolis and Lisa Mitchell, the Founder of Power Body Language.

Dress for Success Indianapolis is an organization that helps women get clothes for jobs interview, help women keep their jobs under their Employment Retention Program and they also have programs to help women prepare for employment with through their Career Development Center. They have over 500 active volunteers and serve close to 1,400 women a year.

On April 23, Dress for Success is having a fundraiser at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Salon in Carmel for women to get a free color service and the salon will donate $5 per person who shows up! If you want to learn more about the event, click here</a>.

Also, on May 18, Dress for Success will have a Spring Wine Dinner Fundraiser at Matt the Miller's Tavern in Carmel. For more information, please click here.


Lisa Mitchell is the founder of Power Body Language and she specializes in body language and non-verbal skills training. She has also been featured by numerous media outlets by providing commentary and analysis on topics like human lie detection and political body language. Lisa also provides executive coaching and corporate training for companies as well.

Lisa is also the host of the "Shiny Things with Lisa Mitchell podcast" which she started this year. Her podcast teaches her listeners on how to use the Science of Body Language to figure yourself out a little and decode the people around you. Plus, she discusses dating, business communications, and how to be a more confident individual.

In this show, we cover a lot of different topics when it relates to body language - and we also learn about a new term called "RBF". What does RBF stand for and which celebrity is best at it? Listen to this week's show to find out!


Apr 13, 2017

What is NinjaZone? That's what we wanted to know - so we had the CEO of NinjaZone Casey Wright in our studio to discuss her NinjaZone sport has taken over the country.

NinjaZone is part gymnastics, obstacle course training, parkour, martial arts, and dance to create one unique sport for kids ages 3-11. The goal of the sport is to move through an environment or a series of obstacles with fluidity prowess and stealth.

This is done by using a combination of flips, jumps, rolls, spins, and kicks - children bring out their inner-ninja while getting a lot of great exercise and athletic skills that can be learned for life.

Coming up this year is the inaugural year for the Ninja Games. Regional competitions will be held in Sacramento, Cedar Rapids, and Chicago with nationals being held in Indianapolis on August 5, 2017.

Casey and her team has done an amazing job building this program and sport. They have already amassed more than 240 locations in just THREE years! Truly amazing and we were very excited to learn more about NinjaZone!

Apr 3, 2017

As you know, Indiana has a lot of great places to eat. In always wanting to try a new restaurant, we noticed that Yelp had just released a new list called "The Top Places to Eat in Indiana." So we wanted to have them on to discuss their new list!

Brittany Smith is the Yelp Indy Sr. Community Director and she helps connect local businesses with the Yelp platform. She published this list with the help a unique methodology: The rankings are based on reviews written by Hoosiers, and are places you can eat a full meal. The rankings were also determined by an algorithm that considered review trends in the last year and overall restaurant rankings.

And from the top 50 list, we brought in four Indianapolis-area restaurants that were featured in the list. Bosphorus Cafe, Caplinger's Fresh Catch, Three Carrots, and Goose the Market.