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Edge of Indy is podcast that focuses on what is trending in Indianapolis. Anything from business and marketing to highlighting different organizations and companies in the circle city. We want to have a show to highlight individuals who are impacting the culture of Indianapolis.
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Aug 30, 2017

It has finally is on the set and Brittany couldn't be happier. The Indianapolis Wine Festival is coming up in a few weeks and we wanted to bring them on the show to talk about what we can expect this year. Plus, Indy Do Day is looking to get 20,000 people out for community service projects this year - Let's help them achieve this goal! All this and Paul Poteet is back...on the EDGE!

The Indianapolis Wine Festival takes place this year on September 15 and 16 this year at the Pan Am Plaza and a $30-45 ticket includes a tasting wine glass, 20 tastings, one pint of beer, seminars, musical entertainment and discounts to purchase wine.

Marcus Fischer, Trade Marketing Manager for Anheuser-Busch and organizer of the event, says there will be over 200 different wines from around the world at this year's event. Last year was the first year for the event so he's planning on having a great turnout this year (and hoping for better weather!)

To find out more about the event and see all the ticket options, please visit their website:


If you think last week's Paul Poteet on the Edge stories were crazy...wait until you see this week's stories.

A 10-year-old Louisiana boy is being hailed a hero after stepping in to deliver his baby brother. Mom didn't realize she was in labor until she went to the bathroom and saw her baby's feet hanging out. -

A Connecticut man didn’t get out the front door of the Bridgeport Correctional Center before corrections officers were wrestling back inside, slamming the steel doors behind him. What brought that on? -

Reddit users compare most common breaches of anybody at Site Strategics clipping their toenails at work???

If you have a story you want to submit for Paul Poteet on the Edge, please email with your suggestions!


Indy Do Day is a yearly event where people and organizations take ownership of their neighborhoods and do community service projects. This year's event takes place on September 28-30 with a goal getting 20,000 people in Indianapolis to participate this year.

Last year, Jenny Dexter and Patrick Broccolo said there were 17,000 people who participated in Indy Do Day with projects ranging from picking up trash to food preparation to tutoring.

If you or your business wants to participate this year in Indy Do Day, please visit

Aug 24, 2017

Are you an extreme couponer? Well, put those skills to benefit local shelters and pantries with Dotted Line Divas. Plus, Indy Women in Tech is hosting an LPGA Tournament at the Brickyard Crossing this year - we find out the details and more this week on the Edge of Indy!

You've heard of extreme couponing, right? Well, Christina Huffines and Tanorria Askew are putting this hobby/skill to good use with their organization called Dotted Line Divas.

Dotted Line Divas is a faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization where they purchase items at significant discounts with coupons and then given to families in need.

Since their start in 2014, they have helped over 2,500 families throughout central Indiana and are looking to partner with organizations and churches all over the state.

The Dotted Line Divas also opened their own Personal Care Pantry in 2016 where you can shop and purchase the products at a discounted rate to help fund more purchases for Dotted Line Divas!

To learn more about this organization, you can visit their website:


Paul Poteet is back this week with some more exciting stories:

A horrified patient had to have a live gecko removed from his ear after the creature crawled into it as he took a nap. The man, from China, had settled down for a snooze when he suddenly woke up with severe itching. He could feel the little reptile 'squirming' inside his head...

When this 84-year-old Canadian woman lost her engagement ring while pulling weeds at her family farm in 2004, she thought it was gone forever..til it showed part of a vegetable!

In Oregon, a golden retriever’s owners thought their dog found a time capsule in their backyard when he started digging one day. Instead, he discovered approximately $85,000 worth of black tar heroin!


The Indy Women in Tech (IWIT) organization created by Dan Towriss, the CEO of Guggenheim Life, and former Mayor of Indianapolis Greg Ballard to advance opportunities for women in the field of science and technology (STEM) - which includes robotics and assist women who are looking to get back into the workforce.

Former Mayor Greg Ballard and Karen Maginn, Director/Chair at IWIT and Senior Vice President at Guggenheim Life and Annuity Company join the Erin and Brittany to talk about their organization and why they think it is important for girls and women to be in the tech industry.

In a few weeks, IWIT will be hosting the LGPA's Indy Women in Tech Championship at the Brickyard Crossing Golf Course - famous for having four holes inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

This event takes place September 7-10 and all proceeds from the event will go to benefit the Indy Women in Tech organization.

To learn more about Indy Women in Tech, please visit their website:

To purchase tickets and learn more about the upcoming LPGA tournament, please visit:

Aug 18, 2017

Have you heard about the newest steakhouse in Indy? Red the Steakhouse, named one of America's sexiest steakhouse, opened a few months ago on Maryland street and they are upping the game for steakhouses in the city. Also, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and Random Acts of Flowers are on the show to talk about their organizations and how you can help.


Red the Steakhouse opened at 14 W. Maryland Street in May, just a few blocks away from the Indiana Convention Center, and have made a name for themselves in just a few months. The Indianapolis location of Red the Steakhouse is the fourth location - with two in Cleveland and one in Miami.

Certified Angus Beef Prime steaks are used at Red the Steakhouse and everything is made from scratch. In fact, Corporate Executive Chef and Managing Partner Peter Vauthy even uses his grandmother's meatball and red sauce recipe, his dad's green bean recipe, and the cheesecake recipe comes from a New York Italian market that Vauthy visited as a kid.

Some specials to look out for at Red the Steakhouse:

- Thursday night "Champagne and Oysters"
- Wine Dinner - August 23rd featuring Justin and Landmark Vineyards - 5 courses for $99
- On Colts games, they'll be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. with a special football menu and drink specials
- Devour Indy is coming up and they have a great 3 for $39 menu

To learn more about Red the Steakhouse, please visit their website:


Paul Poteet returns to the Edge of Indy this week bring us the latest in the wacky news, the weekly forecast, plus what we can expect for the eclipse.

This week on Paul Poteet on the Edge:

Conservators find a 100-year-old fruit cake:

Man accidentally pierces his own heart with a nail gun:

Southern guy struggles to speak without an accent:


Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) is on a mission to engage diverse communities to create vibrant public places and they are doing that with several of their different programs. Abby Dennis, Volunteer Manager, and Cheria Caldwell, Community Engagement Coordinator, join us for a segment to discuss their organization and how people can get involved!

A few of the programs we talk about include the Adopt-a-Block program, the upcoming volunteer season - with tree plantings and cleanups, and their upcoming fundraiser THRIVE. THRIVE is the KIB annual fundraiser with their year's event taking place at the Circle City Industrial Complex.

To learn more about KIB and their volunteer opportunities, visit their website:


Random Acts of Flowers looks to improve the emotional health and well-being of people in health care facilities by delivering recycled flowers. Their team drives all over the state to pick up recycled flowers from grocery stores and florists and brings them to their Broad Ripple facility. And in only 10 months of operation in Indy, they have delivered more than 14,000 floral arrangements to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice facilities.

How can you help? Lindsay Potter, the Program Director for Random Acts of Flowers, says they are always needing vase donations and they are looking for company sponsors for their delivery cards.

On August 31, they will be hosting their first Flowers After Hours event from 5-8 p.m. Tickets are $50 a person and will include a floral design lesson from a local florist, one floral arrangement to take home, as well as snacks. This event is also BYOB - wine or beer.

To learn more about the Indianapolis chapter of this organization, please visit their website:

Aug 10, 2017

Well, it has a catchy name, but what is Baby Got Brunch. Ashley Brooks, of Milktooth and the Garfield Farmers Market, decided it would be a great idea to highlight some of Indy's best brunch spots. Baby Got Brunch's mission is to promote restaurants with innovative brunch menus and use the proceeds to support The Patachou Foundation.

The Patachou Foundation is a great local organization that is looking to feed wholesome meals to food-insecure school children in our community and teach them to create healthy habits. Matthew Feltrop, the Director of the Patachou Foundation, joins this segment as well to talk about how they help feed under-resourced neighborhoods.

If you are an Indianapolis restaurant looking to join Baby Got Brunch, please reach out to us and we'll get you in touch with Ashley!

If you want to purchase a ticket to this event, please visit:

To learn more about the Patachou Foundation, please visit:


It's time for another segment of Paul Poteet on the Edge. This week's stories include a brilliant counterfeiter, a new beer called 'Fried Fried Chicken Chicken', and is anyone interested in buying a clown hotel?


Eat Here Indy is a digital media channel dedicated to Indianapolis food and dining - they provide scalable solutions for photo/video production, social media strategy & distribution, influencer engagement and anything else a restaurant or someone in the hospitality industry might need. Brad Houser, the founder and president, and Austin Burris, the managing partner, of Eat Here Indy join the Edge of Indy to discuss more about their business and where some of their favorite brunch spots are in central Indiana.

We are also joined by Chris Eley, owner of Goose the Market and Smoking Goose, again on the show as he talks about some of the options they are having for Baby Got Brunch.

To learn more about Eat Here Indy, visit their website:

To see the delicious meats from Goose the Market, visit their website:


To see past episodes of the Edge of Indy, please visit our website at:

Aug 4, 2017

Amplify Indy is an organization that was started by Harrison Painter three months ago and with this organization, he is promoting and "amplifying" awesome people/brands/causes who are doing great things in the Indianapolis community. One of those causes he is helping to promote is the Hope Center. On August 17th they are holding "Amplify Hope" at Collaborate 317 from 6-8 p.m.

The Hope Center is an organization that provides education, food, shelter, and mental health services to women who have been rescued from the sex trafficking and they are raising money to open the largest rescue center in the country, right here in Indianapolis. They are funded by different church organizations, business, and volunteer donations.

Here are some facts about human trafficking:

- Every year, 300,000+ children under the age of 18 are captured and forced into human trafficking
- The average child that is captured is 12 years old
- A woman that has been rescued has been rape up to 6,000 times

Through the Amplify Hope event, they are looking to raise $20,000 for the center to help them get the final funds they need to open their shelter. Amplify Hope is also looking for sponsors of the event and they are challenging 20 businesses in the Indy area to donate $1,000 to help them raise their goal.

If you are wanting to learn more about the event, please visit their website:

If you are a business and you want to sponsor the event, please call Harrison Painter at 317-871-1000 or email him at

And if you want to learn more about the Hope Center, please visit their website:


Paul Poteet joins us again for another episode of "Paul Poteet on the Edge" and he really brought some wacky stories this week - Including a jail escape with peanut butter, turning human ashes into diamonds, and a new calf that looks like Gene Simmons! Here are the stories we talk about this week:


Lisa Mitchell and Kara Kavensky join us on the show this week to talk about women entrepreneurship here in Indianapolis. Both Lisa and Kara are successful entrepreneurs here in Indianapolis and we ask them about what are some of the hurdles they have had to jump over when starting companies here in the Circle City.

Plus we talk with them about who they think are some of the great local women entrepreneurs here in Indianapolis and find out what their biggest failure has been in running their own organizations.

To learn more about Lisa Mitchell and her company, visit her website:

To keep up to date about Kara Kavensky and next year's inX3 conference, visit the website: